Class: AuthorizationContext

bo.rules. AuthorizationContext

Provides the context for custom authorization rules.

new AuthorizationContext(action, targetName, brokenRules)

Creates a new authorization context object.

Warning: Authorization context objects are created in models internally. They are intended only to make publicly available the context for custom authorization rules.

Name Type Argument Description
action bo.rules.AuthorizationAction

The operation to authorize.

targetName string <optional>

Eventual parameter of the authorization action.

brokenRules bo.rules.BrokenRuleList

The list of the broken rules.



<readonly> brokenRules :bo.rules.BrokenRuleList

The list of the broken rules.


<readonly> locale :string

The current locale.

  • string

<readonly> ruleId :string

The identifier of the authorization action. Generally it is the action value, or when target is not empty, the action value and the target name separated by a dot, respectively.

  • string

<readonly> user :bo.system.UserInfo

The current user.

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