Class: EventHandlerList

bo.shared. EventHandlerList

Provides methods to manage the event handlers of a business object instance.

new EventHandlerList()

Creates a new event handler list object.


add(modelName, event, handler)

Adds a new event handler to to list.

Name Type Description
modelName string

The name of the business object model.

event bo.shared.DataPortalEvent

The event to listen.

handler external.eventHandler

A function to be invoked when the event is emitted.


<protected> setup(target)

Adds the event handlers with the model name of the target object to the target object for all events. This method is called by models internally to set up the event handlers.

Name Type Description
target bo.ModalBase | bo.CollectionBase

A business object instance.

Argument error: The model name must be a non-empty string.
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